Course Overview

Free Course

Market Structure 1
Time Frame Difference + Session for Trading
Psychology 1
Sponsorship Candle + Swing High and Low
Market Structure 2
Momentum Impulse and Corrective Move

Premium Course

Liquidity 1
Supply and Demand
Mitigation of Zones
Liquidity and Trapping

Premium Course

Effort, Harmony and Result
Volume/Shortage of Liquidity
Accomulation Schematics
Redistribution and Re-accomulation
Wyckoff Market Structure
Risk Management 2

Month 1

1. Market structure 1 , Asia range and cbdr range
2. How to understand time frame difference+session for trading
3. Psychology 1
4. Sponsorship candle + swing high and low and how to understand manipulation in smart money ways
5. Market structure 2
6. Momentum impulse and corrective move


Month 2

1.Liquidity 1 Zone of interest understanding
2. Supply and demand ( rally base drop, drop base drop, rally base rally, and drop base rally)
3. Mitigation of zones and market structure 3
4. Liquidity and trapping /
News effect

Month 3

1. Effort, harmony and result
2. Volume/shortage of liquidity
3. Understanding of Accomulation schematics and distribution schematics
4. Understanding all types of Redistribution and re-accomulation
5. Understanding 6 types of ps/Psy
6. Wyckoff market structure
7. Risk management 2 and RISK REWARD RATIO
8. How to read candles
9.a. Important of time
   b. Market structure in explaining each schematics, weekly daily range


Month 4

1. Psychology
2. Students strength test
3. Top down analysis
4. How to stick with 5pips sl